What are we drinking: Dustin's on that vodka he claims is water. Steve's drinking a Hop Lift from Third Street Brewhouse. Steve gives Dustin a geography lesson on Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Follow up: Looks like we don't have to do a ghost photo since no one cares. Also, Forever 21 stole our music (check out the ad at the link) youtu.be/RQSNt5xEgDg

Working together with videographers and photographers... and the difficulties that arise.

Twitter character count changing to 280 and display name character count changing to 50.

What social media is more important to us between Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LInkedIn, Pinterest, and Snapchat.

What's it like being recognized in public.

Q&A: Light and airy editing style or dark and moody?

Does anyone else feel like their family members are taking advantage of their photo skills?

Aftershow: Is Dustin watching Stranger Things yet? Thoughts on Riverdale which lead to thoughts on Person of Interest which lead to discussion of Westworld.

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