Dustin is on that H2O while Steve is drinking a Mad Hatter from New Holland. First topic is the new DJI Mavic AIR. We talk about a video Casey Neistat put out reviewing it: youtu.be/OdUryRvNmgs

Then we talk about our thoughts about photoshopping acne and the couple that sent a 30 page critique to their photographer. Story on Petapixel: https://petapixel.com/2018/01/10/couple-sends-wedding-photographer-30-page-critique-photos/

After that we talk about vendors illegally using photos in advertisements. Then we have a brief discussion about the Shoot and Share contest. Finally we do some Q&A and we answer a question about whether or not you should stay in a meeting with someone that yelled at you.

Then it's all over, and Steve raves about The Adventure Zone in the after show. It's good.

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