First up, Steve is drinking a Cabin Fever from New Holland Brewing Company while Dustin is on that tequila.

Then it's on to extreme wedding photography. One couple got married on a net over a canyon, 400 feet over the canyon floor.

Another couple got married in front of an active volcano.

Then we talk about Vimeo's new data cap for their basic users. After that Dustin talks about buying some designer blue light glasses:

Steve informs Dustin of Night Shift (from Apple) and F.lux so he doesn't waste his money on another weird product he found on the internet.

Night Shift:

Then it's on to Q&A. The questions this week are: If a venue recommends a bad photographer is the venue culpable? If a client demands a full refund and I give them a partial refund (keeping the non-refundable deposit) does that constitute a nullification of contract? After editing the RAW files does anyone rename them when exporting to JPEG and if so how do you find the matching RAW file if you need it later? Finally, the last question, Who uses Auto ISO while shooting in manual and what sort of problems have arisen as a result?

There's a brief discussion in the after show about Ozark and specifically the 30 minute scene that's sans briefs.

If you're interested in checking out the Secret Life of Weddings (the show with the promo that played at the beginning) head over to their website: (it's a good show, Steve highly recommends it).

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