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In this special Valentine's Day episode, we invite Nicole Ashley onto the podcast to talk about her wedding and boudoir photography. Nicole tells us about her love of Nutella and coffee before talking a little more about her work, how she put together her team, how her team helps to get her clients comfortable for shoots, and how being on the other side of camera helped improve the way she shoots.

After this brief interview Nicole and Dustin play a quick game that Steve created called Taco Bell Fire Sauce or Necco Candy Hearts. The point of the game being to guess whether the things Steve reads off came from a Candy Heart or Fire Sauce packet. There's a special bonus round called Bullshit or Both at the end.

Then we get Nicole to help us out answering a few questions we found on the Internet. Buckle up this week, because the questions are mostly from Yahoo! Answers and one is even from Craigslist. It's buck wild. Also, if your name is Gary, you might want to skip this one.

Finally, Nicole talks to us about her upcoming Kindle workshop that she's doing with Ang McCabe of Myrtle and Moss Photography. The workshop takes place in Victoria, BC. That's in Canada. And, I'll stop doing a poor job describing it and instead just insert a link. It's going to be awesome. Sign up while there are still spots available.


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