man in tux hugs woman in white dress in front of a gorgeous sunset in Indiana with some powerlines along the horizon, color transition from a warm yellow to a cold blue

It's our 50th Episode! This week Steve's drinking a Bourbon Barrel Aged Eirik Bloodaxe from Scarlet Lane and we're talking photo stuff. We answer the question what is a dollar dance? We talk about letting an intern edit your photos. We talk about the Kickstarter for Magbox (one of us bought/invested/threw money away at this). We talk about the court case that ruled that a photo wasn't protected by copyright because it was a factual depiction.

Then it's on to Q&A! What do you do if you need to use the restroom during a wedding? Talking #2. How do you capture someone's personality if they don't have any interests? What would be a good price for a wedding with unlimited edited photos at the end... because someone did it and then was flustered when the bride asked for more photos.

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