jenn and steve van elk hip bump at the minnetrista
PC: Megan Renee Thompson

This is a question heavy episode.

Beer Talk:
Jenn’s drinking an Apple Pie Wine from Oliver Winery.
Steve’s drinking a Two Hearted from Bells Brewery.

It's almost all Q&A:
Have you guys shot a disabled wedding before and do you have any thoughts on posing, apart from close ups looking down, so the bride (who isn't disabled) doesn't look like the caretaker?
Why do brides send timelines to vendors that include lots of extraneous information?
Have you ever been in a creative rut and feel that the work you’re producing is crap? If so, what do you do?
The bride's dad passed away three weeks ago. How should you attack that situation?

Gear Talk:
Call in about the Fuji XT-3.

More Q&A:
The family gave me a boutonniere on the wedding day. What am I supposed to do with this? I'm the photographer. Has anyone else been given a boutonniere or corsage while shooting?
SOS... How can I avoid black holes for eyes? I understand basic editing. I've tried radial filters, brushes and levels and nothing seems to help. Can anyone help?

Jenn Van Elk:

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